The Treasure Basket was conceived by Elinor Goldschmied, a pioneer of early childhood education.

The treasure basket and booklet Some of the treasures your baby can collect.

What People have said about the baskets and booklets:

“Many thanks for the 'treasure basket'. I can't wait to get 'collecting' and watch the reaction of my darling Grandaughter.” Regards Susan

“Many thanks for the basket, we are very pleased with it, and will be trying it out in the baby room this afternoon.” Your sincerely, Jacky Kintish, Little Acorns, Kindergarten Ltd

“The baskets are lovely and the booklet is very helpful.” Vickie Dominy

“Thank you for the lovely treasure basket, it looks great filled with all the items I have collected during the past few weeks.” Regards, Karen

“Thank you for sending the basket so promptly – it is beautiful. I am looking forward to filling it with some interesting objects. Many thanks.” Phillipa Jackson

“Thanks again for the baskets – I gave them out on Thursday at the launch of our 8 month reviews, our health visiting programme and they were the focal point of the group session. Best wishes for success in this really worthwhile project.” Yours sincerely, Val Leckler

The Treasure Basket is a collection of familiar household objects, all of which are made of natural materials. Babies are on a journey of discovery and as they are beginning to sit up they have an innate desire to find out about the world around them. By filling your basket with exciting everyday objects you will be providing your baby with the opportunity to have stimulating sensory experiences, which in turn naturally nurtures your child's development. Babies brains are growing fast and watching a child seated at his Treasure Basket you will see he uses all his senses to explore each object with the utmost concentration and delight. The basket enables the child to develop his independence, concentration and power of choice.

The round willow basket that you can buy is made by a local and traditional basket maker and is weaved to the correct size and shape as stated by Elinor Goldschmied. The empty basket comes with a 16 page booklet which is a shortened version of Elinor Goldschmied and Sonia Jackson's chapter on Treasure Baskets in their book 'People Under Three'. The booklet includes nearly 100 suggested items to collect for your basket. Assembling your own basket is the start of this enjoyable and rewarding journey you will go on with your baby. No two baskets are the same and once you start it can become quite addictive as you discover that what might appear mundane to you is a wonderfully sensory object for your baby to experience and then watching your baby engrossed for surprisingly long periods of time is a joy to behold.

The empty Treasure Basket costs £22.50 and is accompanied by the booklet and includes postage and packing within the United Kingdom. Requests from abroad will be charged extra for p&p. To order your basket please call Natasha Macewan on 07989 973148 or email Cheques accepted prior to delivery.

This website is inspired by Elinor Goldschmied and Sonia Jackson and their book 'People Under Three' and aims to continue the good practise it outlines for Treasure Basket use. I would also like to acknowledge Anita Hughes and her inspiring video 'I don't need toys'.